Want to know more about locum work in the region? Here are the key benefits of working in Yorkshire and the Humber

Holt Doctors work with a variety of trusts over North, West and South Yorkshire in major cities. No matter where you are, you'll have these cities on one side and beautiful countryside on the other, together they may make up the relocation destination of dreams.

All over Yorkshire there are rail and road links to travel within the region and to the rest of the country. The A1 goes right from capital to capital, starting in Edinburgh and cutting down the middle of Yorkshire and all the way down to London, the M1 also goes to London however it starts around Leeds with the drive from city to city taking around 4hrs.

Going the other direction, the M62 travels the breadth of the country, starting near Hull on the Humber all the way across to Manchester and Liverpool, Hull to Liverpool taking around 3hrs.

Trains are also readily available with Northern operating lines within the region and trains from London to Leeds and Sheffield both taking around 2hr 15min.

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The consultant who I have worked with has been excellent. My rating is based largely on her service and how well she has worked. Since joining Holt Doctors, Bernardette has maintained the highest level of professionalism in her interactions with me. She has remained courteous, civil, pleasant and always very willing to help. Nothing is ever too much. Can't thank her enough.

Dr Nnennaya Ugoji

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