The Holt team have been up and active with another charity challenge, following the success of our Land’s End to John o’Groats challenge in May of last year. This time, we decided to take on the much bigger week-long challenge, from Friday to Friday, of virtually covering the distance from our main office in Skipton North Yorkshire, all the way to our office in Katowice, Poland, a total of 1491 miles! But before we made it over the channel out of England, we had to first travel up to Newcastle and then down to Lymington to ‘pick up’ the whole team.

With under four days of the challenge gone on Monday, we’d managed to clock up 836 miles which took us to just outside Eindhoven, and with 4 days left to get the final 655 miles, we were looking good. By the time the challenge had concluded on Friday, not only had we completed the 1491 journey to Katowice, but we’d made a return journey all the way back to London, a total of 2025 miles!


Whilst this was great work by the team to achieve this goal, it still wasn’t as great work as is done by the cause of this challenge, Shout.

Shout are a charity that offer 1-to-1 mental health support to those in need, and they have reached thousands of people during this pandemic with a staggering 500,000 conversations had. They have also joined with Mind, Samaritans, and Hospice UK to form a first of its kind partnership, to offer frontline workers the different support that each charity provides all from a single service called Our Frontline.

We’re proud to have raised £595 for such a worthwhile cause, and even though the challenge has been completed and closed, this donation link remains open.

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