Please read the below advice for NHS organisations

For any doctors working with Holt, please click this link to be taken to the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Declaration form to read. Once you have read it, please sign and return to Holt Doctors. If you have already signed and returned our previous form, then no further declaration is required at this stage. However, the document does contain important information on the matter, so please make sure to read through it.

For the latest information from the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England, please visit this page that has any updates posted at 2pm each day.

Please follow the below links for advice from Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care:

PHE in collaboration with the NHS has also published the following guidance:

Coronavirus information and advice from the GMC

The GMC have published a guide answering the common questions they've been asked about their role as regulator during the coronavirus pandemic. You can visit this page to be taken to the summary, where you can go on to view each section in their entirety.

To visit specific sections of this page, please visit the links below:

  • The GMC's guidance for doctors
    • Information for doctors working outside their normal field of practice
    • Information on doctors' own health
  • Information on the GMC's emergency powers
    • If asked by the Secretary of State for Health, the GMC can automatically grant temporary registration to doctors for the duration of the emergency
    • They wouldn't need to pay a fee to re-join the medical register
    • They wouldn't need to revalidate during their temporary registration

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