New Zealand is a great place to live and work as a doctor, whatever your reason for making the move abroad. Whether you want to experience the enviable work-life balance found all across New Zealand, the favourable climate or simply that you fancy a change – the reasons are endless!

Doctors in General Practice and Specialists of all kinds will find an excellent working environment with a supportive collegial culture. GPs, Specialist Consultants, Staff Grade Doctors and Registrars in most specialties are in steady demand in New Zealand.

We are also currently recruiting exclusively for a primary health provider in Waikato (North Island New Zealand) to bring you some of the best psychiatry jobs on offer.

The New Zealand Healthcare Service
New Zealand has an excellent public healthcare system, funded by government taxation. Most treatment in public hospitals is free, and many other health services and medicines are significantly subsidised.

There are 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) which are funded by the Ministry of Health. The DHBs, in turn, oversee and fund 46 Primary Health Organisations located throughout the country, ensuring that healthcare standards are met across each region.

Eligibility for work
If you wish to work in New Zealand, you must obtain registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand. You can fill out a quick self-assessment form here to assess which route is best for you. 

Life in New Zealand
Good salaries, lower taxes, no National Insurance and a lower cost of living mean an excellent quality of life is easily within your means. New migrants generally find that New Zealand offers a better balance between cost of living and lifestyle than they had before.

Visa options
There are a variety of permanent and temporary visa options. One of our team can advise you on the best option for you, or for more information on the whole process, please click here.
For more information about working overseas call our dedicated recruitment team on 0208 099 6947 or email

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