We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits of working with a locum agency and thrown in a few Holt benefits too.

1. Flexibility
Maybe you have a full-time job and want to pick up extra weekend shifts,  maybe you only want to work out of hours shifts or maybe you want to locum full-time; locum provides flexibility for you to choose where and when you work.

2. No need to sell yourself... we’ll do this for you
Once you’re registered and ready to go, you’ll be assigned a dedicated recruitment consultant. It is their job to find you the right work so you don’t have to. Holt has great relationships with a large number of trusts throughout the UK and many preferred supplier contracts. This means Holt gets the first look at available jobs, allowing us to fill the position with our doctors before any other agency.

3. Support 24/7
Your recruitment consultant is there to support you not only with finding your next position but with any queries or questions you might have. Our office hours are from 8 am to 7 pm but we always have a member of our Holt team on call to pick up any emergencies you might have, 24/7

4. Extra money
Get money quick – the majority of our doctors are paid weekly. A large number of locum doctors pick up shifts alongside their permanent job. This acts as a supplement to their income and is a great way to pay off student loans, put a deposit down for your own house or simply to have more disposable income. The more you work, the more you earn. Simple!

5. Freedom to travel
Always wanted to travel but can never find the time? Lots of our doctors locum for months at a time, in order to fund their travel lifestyle (read Dr Faith’s story). Locum work also allows you to work in different parts of the country, maybe even different parts of the world. All you have to do is decide where you’d like to go next and Holt can help you to find the right job in the right location.

6. Work-life balance
According to a LinkedIn article in early 2019, the number one reason for healthcare professionals to leave the NHS is for a better work-life balance. Locum flexibility means you’re able to plan your shifts around your home life, leaving more time for you to be with friends and family.

7. Revalidation and CPD help
If Holt identifies as your designated body we can support you with revalidation and CPD. This means we’ll let you know when you’re due an appraisal and help you get booked in with one of our approved appraisers. Also, the more you work through Holt the more ‘CPD points’ you’ll earn. These points can be used to claim money back for your appraisal, GMC membership, ALS courses for example.

8. One registration, then no more paperwork!
After completing Holt’s registration process, we can find you positions in as many hospitals and practices as you like. If you were to register with a bank, you’d need to complete paperwork for every trust you’d like to work for. However, with Holt, there’s no need to complete any more paperwork past the completion of your registration. Easy!

9. Develop expertise in different clinical settings
Working in different clinical environments allows you to further develop your skills and put them to practice outside your comfort zone. Working with different systems and technology will boost your knowledge and give you confidence when confronted with new systems and processes. Also, if you’re considering a new career path, working in different hospitals and practices can be a way to ‘test the waters’ and find out which setting you enjoy the most.

10. Larger network and more variety
Working in the same practice, doing the same job day after day can sometimes become tiresome and repetitive. Locum work allows you to enter a new and refreshing environment whenever you choose, meaning you are able to face new exciting challenges and meet new highly skilled professionals which will boost your professional network.

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