One of the main parts of being a locum means working in many different environments – you may locum in hospitals you have worked or even trained at previously but you will also have the opportunity to work in many places you have never been before. This makes it important to adapt quickly so you can start delivering quality patient care as soon as possible.

Here is our list of top tips to ace your first day on the job:

1. Be early – It is always a good idea to arrive early on your first day. You'll be nervous enough as it is on the first day of a new job and there’s no need to have the added pressure of trying to navigate an unfamiliar place. It also means you can have a look around and introduce yourself to the people you’ll be working with before your shift starts – a great way to make a good first impression!

2. Ask for an introduction – In some cases, an introduction won’t be offered – don’t be afraid to ask for one! It shows proactivity and a 
willingness to learn. You’ll get some basic know-how on procedures and the layout of the hospital which will stand you in good stead for the rest of your shift

3. Look at the computer systems used – Make sure you are familiar and comfortable with any computer systems you will have to use during the day before you start your shift. This will make the day run smoother.

4. Ask questions – If there is anything at all you don’t feel comfortable with during your shift – ask someone. You’re not expected to know everything on your first day and your new colleagues will give you as much guidance as they can.

5. Speak to your recruiter – Your dedicated recruiter is always happy to chat through anything with you, from how to get to the hospital and what to do when you get there to the surrounding area and hospital itself. If you have and questions or worries about starting, let your recruiter know - they really are there to help.

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